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Welcome to

The Camelot Institute

of Human Interactions



Your systemic - relational consulting and training hub for individuals and businesses

Inspired by the Arthurian cycle

and the wonderful wisdom

of fantasy literature,

The Camelot Institute

of Human Interactions®
is a magical place,

a place to (re) discover

one's creative potential,

a place of growth and awareness,

a place of personal blooming.

Upcoming Events

  • COSA SERVE PER DIVENTARE INDIPENDENTE? Attaccamento e indipendenza.
    Multiple Dates
    13 Jun, 20:00 – 21:30 BST
    Workshop su Zoom
    Appuntamento singolo del ciclo di Babybrains® tenuto per The Camelot Institute da Stéphanie Pitala, insegnante di massaggio infantile IAIM, esperta in glottodidattica infantile, consulente genitoriale dalla gravidanza alla prima infanzia, imprenditrice e mamma.
  • I mostri della rete
    27 Oct, 20:00 BST
    Workshop su Zoom
    I “mostri” della rete: come affrontarli e magari farseli amici. Laboratorio sul rapporto fra digitale e umano tenuto per The Camelot Institute da Digitabilis.

We support all families at 360 degrees so that everyone can make their own human revolution in a systemic-relational model

Expecting Couple


Learn how to manage performance anxiety in 3 steps

Businesswoman Working at Desk


Personal growth training courses for confident and empowered employees and businesses

As you will notice on our website you might encounter weird symbols and letters at the end of some words. That's because the Italian language is gendered and therefore it is not exhaustive in fully describing the complexity and variety of gender existences and expressions.

At The Camelot Institute we choose to adopt inclusive language in our communication, using the schwa character ə as the ending letter of singular gendered nouns and adjectives and the letter Y for their plural counterparts. We recognize it is just one example of inclusive language and consider the proposal of others more than welcome.

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