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"Antropoché?" is the first Italian anthropology podcast written, directed and produced by Francesco Ferreri. The project was born with the intention of promoting this discipline by addressing issues of gender, diversity and inclusion. Through the tools of anthropology he wants to explore unconventional territories: from current affairs to sport, from gender studies to video games, from politics to trash. "Antropoché?" he has no truth to teach, but the desire to raise the right questions ... with the help of a few Pokémon.


"Sorella" is a podcast host by Ella the Project, with Donatella Fiacchino and many guests each week, who share stories on love, sexuality, relationship, gender identity, activism and personal blooming. In the first season she discusses about dating apps, rainbow families, gender non conformity, polyamory, ADHD and relationships, social transitioning, the aroace spectrum, sex work, disability and sexuality, HIV prevention and much more!


It's s not always easy to find the answers to your questions:
sometimes they are difficult to access,
sometimes they are incomprehensible,
sometimes they simply cost too much.

That's why we have decided to provide you with lots of free content,
simple and fun resources,
to always carry with you and at the speed of a click.

How? Through the oldest medium of all times: storytelling.

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"làpis": notes for learning with pleasure and teaching with care. Conducted by Fabiola Sguassero, it brings back conversations around the universal experience of learning. This podcast is dedicated to all those who continue to grow consciously and choose to educate the new generations with love.

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