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Choose yourself. Always.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Brief introduction to the ecology of desires

The difference between a dream and a goal is said to be a date. Correct.

Yet there are so many other elements to consider when you want something to come true.

For a goal to be well-formed it has to be formulated in the first person and in positive terms, it must be specific and measurable, it must be placed on a timeline and it needs to be ecological.

What does ecological mean? Does it have anything to do with the environment?

In a certain way, yes.

The environment is the first step of the logical levels, a model that represents the natural hierarchy of the neuronal processes involved in learning, communicating, approaching change and making decisions.

When you set yourselves a goal, it is good practice to check the environmental effects of achieving that goal.

So what's this environment we're talking about?

In this context, it deals with all the aspects of someone's existence: career, finance, health, emotional state, loved ones, social life, recreation, personal growth, home and work setting, spirit of the world ... The wheel of life.

It's all about ecology

The ecology of a goal is its impact on the environment of an individual. When you set yourself a goal you always have to ask yourself: what am I willing to sacrifice to get what I want? And by sacrifice is meant its etymological meaning: to do something sacred.

Or, in other words,

"All magic comes for a price."

Once you have identified what's the "exchange currency" for your goal, I invite you to ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze. How much is important for you to reach that goal? Is that really what YOU want? Or do you want it to please others? It is always advisable to check the emotional state with which the achievement of a goal is faced: if in your heart you are not doing it for yourself, the potential for success is greatly reduced, because the emotional commitment before, during and afterwards it is, in fact, a commitment and you should face it for you and you only.

Remember that, as seen above, your emotional state is part of your wheel of life which is subject to ecology. Do you really want your mental health to pay for other people's wishes?

Choose what's better FOR YOU. For the balance of your environment. Be ecological.

Choose yourself. Always.

And you will already be one step ahead in the realization of your desires.

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