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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Story of a life between Art and Science

Once upon a time there was a creative and extremely determined girl from thriving Italy named Giulia.

She lived in a small Celtic village in the northern plains of the country where she soon learned the ancient art of archery, the extravagant discipline of axe throwing and many other bizarre and folkloristic recreations.

Growing up in such natural surroundings she developed a strong connection with Mother Earth and soon became a strong supporter of animal rights and the environmental movement.

Raised in a family where Art is the key to self-expression, at the age of three Giulia discovered the strict lightness of ballet and kept dancing ever since. She didn’t stick to dance only though and turned her existence into Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk, the total work of art: music, fine arts, drama, dialectics, design and literature have been matters of interest throughout her whole life.

For that very one reason she travelled around the world as often as possible to capture the essence of the different places and cultures to put into her creative boost.

Willing to have a deeper knowledge of her passions she decided to attend the University of Milan and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Studies with a final dissertation entitled: “Theatre and Neuroscience – neuroesthetic techniques to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease”.

While she was writing her final dissertation, Giulia got into the International College of Musical Theatre and moved to London where she still lives with her husband and their cat Bastet.

After graduation she got into a special long distance program at the University of Milan where she is currently attending a Master’s Degree in Musicology, Musical Heritage, Performing Arts and Mass Media Production.

As her motto is “knowledge makes you free” Giulia likes to spend her free time reading philosophy books, meditating and challenging herself into always doing something new, such as gardening, cooking or learning opera singing.

Another big interest for her is to find a link between the brain’s chemistry and performing arts, so she has spent the past years studying linguistic intelligence and has become a licenced NLP coach Master Practitioner by the Society of NLP – USA, specialized in emotional, life and team coaching.

Her goal is to bring the subject into the theatre industry providing her fellow performers with all the tools not only to experience a new approach to the character’s study but also to find creative and strategic solutions to overcome the challenging situations of an artist’s everyday life.

Giulia is a fierce, passionate and hard-working young woman, a supportive team member whose mission is to bring value into the room, but most of all she’s still the curious and determined girl from the countryside we meet at the beginning of her journey. She’s the proof that being yourself and believing and investing in your dreams always pays off.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt E. Disney

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