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Words create worlds

Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Everything began with a sound.

“Then God said: Let there be light! And there was light.” (Genesis 1.3)

Since the beginning of time mankind distinguished itself from other creatures thanks to the word and made this word sacred expression with the accompaniment of other sounds, notes that tended and rushed to Heaven as in an embrace between the human nature and Divine.

Singing, for example, still takes on the mystical value it had in antiquity.

The vibration of the vocal cords that come together as in a kiss is the image of vital essence: in some cultures a baby starts to exist when their mother says their name out loud for the first time bursting into loud laughter.

Words create worlds.

When we tune a melody from a special moment of our live, we wake up as if from a long sleep.

We start feeling the essence of the present as our memories arise.

Words create the sense of Time.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

It is an ancient Daimoku Buddhists rhythmically repeat during meditation: freely translated, “Awakening from the difficulties of life in the wonder of Sound".

Neuroscience has shown that the words we choose determine how our brain reacts to reality.

In fact, the words we use are responsible for our hormonal production, our words are the biochemical cards of our emotions and feelings.

If we know how our brain works and we know how to use the right words in the right order, we can manage our emotional state and the interactions with others.

“What you say, becomes.
What you name, exists.”

When we dive into the wonder of the sound of HIGH, BRIGHT and FLOWING words, we do awake from the difficulties of life and we start calling them challenges and opportunities.

In other words:

“Change how you think, change how you feel, change how you perceive the world.”

For the law of attraction, if you wonder a high, bright and flowing life, offer hight, bright and flowing words.

“Offer what you are looking for.”

Get started a little at a time, but start choosing "better" words now.

Your call has arrived.

Like for any respectable Hero.

But this is another story that deserves a separate chapter...


For the use of high, bright and flowing words, I refer to the reading of “Breathe as if you were happy", (Respira come se fossi felice) by L. Landolfi and P. Borzacchiello, Minerva, 2016.

For further information on Daimoku, I invite you to read the novel "Geoff, Buddha and Me" by E. Canfor-Dumas, Rider, 2005.

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